Brenton Welsh

An experienced UX leader, able to deliver strong visual/interactive design solutions based on strategy, user needs, and business requirements.

A hands-on collaborator with the experience to ensure successful implementation of interactive projects. Project skills include   feature development & information gathering,  brainstorming and  conceptualization,  gathering user input and usability, wire framing,  interface and interaction design,  brand identity, client relations.

Project types: web base applications, mobile apps, desktop applications, interface design, consumer and business-to-business websites.

Industry areas: Education, Healthcare, Financial, Software, eCommerce, Pharmaceutical, Bio-medical and Consumer products.

Product development
Instructor dashboard - course tracking

Instructor Dashboard Concept
Conceptualization, experience design, interaction design, data visualization, collaboration

Users: Course Instructor, University Administrators and Department heads
Goal: Tracking student participation, progress and grading.

Mobile and desktop application
Thick client application design and mobile implementation

Blackboard Collaborate
Feature development, experience design, interaction design, collaboration

Users: Instructors and students, meeting organizers and participants
Goal: Virtual meeting room for online instruction and group collaboration.

Feature development
Session scheduling event sequences

Feature development - data gathering, work flow and event sequencing

Users: Instructors and students
Goal: Scheduling students to available instructors for online learning sessions.

Creative Coding
Image making with Processing and P5.js

creative coding
P5.js and Processing allows me to explore the space where coding and image making intersect.

Goal: Personal creative exploration.